Learning About What Is Generic Codeine

Codeine or Generic Codeine is a type of medication that people all over the world consume. This is a drug that can be used for a broad range of reasons and can have different effects depending on what it is that you are planning on using it for. Typically, this medication induces the idea of sleep right when a person consumes it. What this means is that if you are someone who is dealing with aches and pain within your body, this will be able to relax your body. Not only, will it ease the pain, but it will also put you to sleep and get you some rest.

Important Note On Codeine

When learning about what is codeine one should also pay attention to the fact that this medication may not suit everyone. It is not designed so that everyone can take it, which is why you have to be careful with. You want to ensure that your body will not have a terrible reaction to it, and you will be able to consume it properly. A simple way to do this is by making sure you spend time looking into it and even asking your doctor more information about it. The more you know about it, the better it will end up being for you and your body.


This is not a medication that permits you to breastfeed while being on it. If you are going to be breastfeeding, you need to stay away from this drug as it can have a harmful effect on your baby. The milk will transfer the medication to the baby, which is not something that you want as it is so stong and not something that a little child can be able to deal with as their so small.

Are There Side Effects

Yes, there are side effects, which is typically what most people want to learn about when researching about what is codeine. For instance, some people claim that they have the feeling that they are going to pass out. This is reasonable as the medication is supposed to make you feel sleepy and tired, which is why it is worth to take a note and go through with it. However, if it is your first time taking it you may want to have a family or friend be with you, just in case your side effects get out of control, and you need such assistance and help.

Medication like this usually comes in massive impactful doses, which is why it is critical that you are vert careful with it. You want to ensure you are not allergic to this type of medication and can take it. For instance, if you are breastfeeding you want to take some time to ask your doctor more about this, which you should be doing regardless because you want to ease the pain in your body and not make it worse food yourself. Contact your doctor before you end up taking codeine.

Various Legitimate Codeine Uses

Codeine is one of the most effective medications for getting relief from pain. Doctors have been prescribing this medicine to patients for many decades to get relief from moderate to severe pain. This medication does not work on the root cause of the pain but it blocks the transmission of pain by the neurotransmitters to the brain.

Codeine Uses

As far as codeine uses are concern, many people rely on this to get relief from pain. Additional codeine uses include treatment of dry cough and short periods of diarrhea. This drug belongs to a family known as opioids which means it is derived from opium. Due to its nature, it is a habit-forming drug and this is the reason that it is sold only on prescription.

This medicine is usually prescribed by doctors for providing relief from pain after an injury or surgery. However, there are certain cases where the patients require codeine on a regular basis for relief from chronic pain.

While codeine is usually effective for everyone, you should not take in case you are allergic to it or if you have any kind of breathing disorder or have frequent asthma attacks. Also, it can interact with various other medicines and can lead to some serious health complications. Therefore, it is important that you tell your doctor all the medicines you are if you are prescribed codeine.

The drug is available in pill as well as in liquid form. You should follow the directions given by your doctor and pharmacist for taking this drug. Do not change the dosage on your own and never take more than 360 mg in a day. It can slow down your breathing and therefore, you should never take this medicine in large amounts.

This drug has a number of side effects. Some of the common side effects include lightheadedness, loss of appetite, nausea, difficulty in breathing, cold skin, unconsciousness, wheezing, vomiting, yellow eyes and unusual tiredness among others. If you experience any of these side effects after taking codeine, you should immediately get in touch with your doctor to make sure that there are no serious health concerns.

If you miss a dosage, you should not take the missed dose if it is almost time for the next scheduled dose. If you accidentally overdose on codeine, it is important that you immediately call for emergency medical help. In some cases, overdose can be fatal. Some of the overdose symptoms include drowsiness, pinpoint pupils, fainting and slow breathing.

You should also avoid drinking alcohol when you are taking codeine as it can have dangerous side effects on your health.

As mentioned in the beginning, it is a habit-forming drug and therefore, it is available only on prescription. It is also available online at a number of web stores. While there are a number of the web stores selling codeine, there are also some unscrupulous sellers that sell fake medicines. You should read the reviews of a particular vendor before ordering to make sure that you’re getting the original medicine.

Why Is It Important To Stick To The Prescribed Codeine Dosages?

Codeine is a powerful medicine often prescribed for treatment of pain. It is from opioid family and provides immediate relief from pain. The compounds in this medicine work on the receptors in the brain and prevent the sensation of pain from reaching the brain. It can also be easily misused and this is the reason that codeine dosages should be taken carefully.

Codeine Dosages

When you are prescribed codeine, the doctor and pharmacist will clearly explain the dosage and how to take the medicine. Keep in mind that if you take more than the prescribed dosage, you may become dependent on it and may experience extreme withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking this medicine. On the other hand, if you take the dose as prescribed by the doctor, you will get instant relief from pain and won’t become dependent on the medication when you stop taking it.

As far as the initial dose is concerned, it depends on the diagnosis as well as previous experience of the patient. As far as maintenance dose is concerned, doctors may prescribe anywhere from 15 to 60 mg per dose. It is important to mention here that a maximum of 360 mg should be taken in a 24 hour period by an adult. Any amount above this is not effective as body has a tolerance for codeine and any overdose may result in serious health complications.

Doctors usually prescribe taking a dose every 4 to 6 hours depending on the condition of the patient. In case you forget to take those though it is unlikely as you will be in pain, you should take the missed dose only if there is a lot of time remaining for the next dose. If it is close to the time of the next dose, you should not take the missed dose.

It is also important to mention here that this medication is not prescribed for children under the age of 12. Also, you need to store it carefully to keep it out of reach of children as well as others who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. While this drug is highly effective for pain relief, you need to keep in mind that if you misuse it, you may become dependent on it. The best way to take it is to follow the directions given by your doctor. Why Is It Important To Stick To The Prescribed Codeine Dosages?

You should never stop taking it suddenly as you will experience severe withdrawal symptoms. It is better to go to a doctor and the doctor will taper down the dosage gradually to allow you to stop taking it without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms.

While most of the people are prescribed codeine for a small period of time, there are others suffering from critical illnesses and they may need it for a longer period of time. It is important for you health to stick to the prescribed period. When you take codeine, it gives you a feeling of euphoria and this is the reason that many patients keep taking it even when they have been told not to take it.

Overall, it is highly effective but you should not misuse it and take it only as prescribed by your doctor.

All The Things That You Should Know On What Is Codeine

If you’re wondering what is codeine, you should know that it is a highly addictive drug, however, it is also a very useful drug. It is the one drug that is used to treat severe pain in patients and it is also used as a cough suppressant.

While we don’t know exactly how it works, scientists know for a fact that when taken in small amounts, the body converts codeine into Morphine. But morphine is another type of drug and you should not confuse it with codeine. But both drugs were the same way, that is, they bind to pain receptors in the mind and the body so that the pain is numbed significantly. The patient will still have some awareness of the pain, but he will be able to tolerate it more.

Just like any other drug, codeine is not without its side effects, and the side effects when you take the drug are actually plenty. The mild side effects include drowsiness and constipation. The more severe side effects include vomiting and bloating, among others. if you want to get a complete list of the most severe side effects that you can experience from codeine, check out this link http://www.drugs.com/sfx/codeine-side-effects.html

If you experience any of the side effects in the list, stop taking it right away.

Codeine has a strong with interaction with certain drugs like Tylenol and paracetamol. You should not take codeine with any of this drug even if somebody pointed that gun to your head to take them in combination. Codeine also has a strong interaction with vitamin C, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. Again, do not take vitamin supplements that contain these vitamins with the drug. Actually, codeine has a strong interaction with at least 50 drugs that are either branded or generic. If you want to get complete list of these drugs, just go to the tab that says Interaction on the link that we sent you.

How much codeine should you take? Well, that is really dependent on your doctor. As a prescription drug, you did not just buy it at the pharmacy. You have to have a prescription and then present it o the pharmacist. But for your own sake, you should not take it more than what the doctors prescribe. Any leftover medicine should be flushed down the toilet. And even if you skip a dose, do not compensate for it in the next dosage.

As we said before, codeine is a highly addictive drug, and you should take precautions so that you do not increase your chances of getting addicted to it. But if you are already taking this drug for a few months now, do not stop taking it right away or go cold turkey because you will experience withdrawal symptoms. You should go to a detox center to manage your withdrawal symptoms as you wean yourself off of the drug.

And that’s it for our article on what is codeine.

Buy Codeine Online By Using These Tips

Before you buy codeine online, you have to know what to look for. There are a lot of scammers in the area of medicine online. Don’t end up getting ripped off and make sure you follow along with what you’re going to learn about here.

Being able to know if you’re going to get real pills is a must to look into. Whatever you order online, make sure you look it up before you take it. There should be an inscription of some kind on the pill to help with identifying it. Usually, there are letters, numbers, and you can search for the shape and color of the pill too. If you get something that has no markings on it, you shouldn’t take it. Get your money back if possible, and if you can’t return it just throw it away in a safe manner.

It’s better to be safe than sorry when you buy online. If the website where you’re ordering looks like it’s poorly made, don’t give the people your payment information. After you buy anything like pills online, watch over your bank or credit card statements. Check your accounts every few days, and if someone has been charging things to your account you didn’t know about because you didn’t initiate the charges, get a hold put on your account and get a new account number. Do not just let that keep happening because people will try to steal money from you sometimes even if their business seemed legitimate.

Make sure you take it slow after you order online and get the medication in the mail. Codeine can be addictive, and if you take a bunch at once the tolerance you have is going to keep growing until it’s out of control. There are a lot of ways to get help if you get addicted. Just be careful and take no more than 60mg at a time spaced out by every 4 hours at the least. Any more than that and you may not get to be able to use it responsibly and will need to go through withdrawals eventually.

A good idea is to talk with your doctor first to make sure that nothing you take already can interfere with this kind of medication. For instance, if you’re already on something for pain, this could make it stronger which is dangerous. If you take codeine for the first time, make sure you take a little bit just to test it out on yourself. If you have problems with breathing or anything serious, you need to get someone to help such as a hospital. Otherwise, just take it slow and you should be fine.

Many people that buy codeine online get a bad deal. Don’t let that happen to you and do your best to research your options first. Now is the time to get what you need, so put everything you’ve learned here to good use if you want the best possible results.